4 Benefits Of Building A Metal Fence


Whether you want a fence for privacy or decoration, metal is a wonderful option. You can choose stainless steel in twisted rod designs, or a classic, easy-to-install chain link to barricade your yard. Discover a few benefits of building a metal fence for your property.


There are many types of metals you can choose from for building, and they come in a few different colors to match your style and home decor best. Common metal fencing options include:

  • wrought iron
  • stainless steel
  • aluminum
  • chain link
  • brass

Keep in mind that each type of metal contains its own level of durability and hardiness in various weather conditions. Steel, for instance, is much hardier than aluminum, so consult with a fence contractor to choose the best metal medium for your fencing needs.


Unlike wood, metal fences do not rot and are less susceptible to wind and heavy rainfall. Metal is structured to resist rusting, although wrought iron may rust if it is not painted every few seasons. Wrought iron is popular due to its long-lasting structure—a fence in this material can last a lifetime with proper care.


Aluminum and chain link fencing are cheaper than wrought iron or stainless steel; however, metal fences rarely need to be replaced and are a worthy investment regardless of the initial cost. To compare costs, a typical 6' wooden fence is around $15 per square foot, whereas a wrought iron fence is $20-$30 a square foot. Chain link is even cheaper yet, at around $6-$8 per square foot to install. Prices vary further if you are choosing custom colors and designs as part of your fencing plan. Your fencing contractor can work with your budget to help you find the ideal metal fencing for your project.


Metal fences require very little maintenance. They are not prone to stains or rotting and are able to withstand high levels of wind and moisture. Wrought iron requires the most maintenance of all metals due to its susceptibility to rusting. A coat of protective paint every few years will keep wrought iron strong, sturdy, and beautiful.

When using metal to build your fence, you can feel confident that you are choosing a cost-effective, sturdy, and low maintenance material to work with. Your fencing contractor can help you choose the best fencing material for your metal fence project so the results are beautiful and functional to your needs. Whether you want a fence for decoration or privacy, metal is a wise choice. Contact a company like AJ Wrought Iron Security & Ornamental Ltd wrought iron rail for more information.


31 August 2015

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