4 Tips To Save Money By Splitting The Cost Of A Fence With Your Neighbor


If you and your neighbor both have had thoughts about getting fencing installed in the front yard, it may be time to discuss the plans with each other. While you may both have your own preferences regarding height and materials, you could save a great deal of money and get a polished look if you choose to work together for the fencing. In order for the installation of the fence to go smoothly, it is vital that you discuss the plans for a new fence with one another and keep the following tips in mind—leading to a new fence that looks perfect and at a shared cost.

Give Your Neighbor Equal Say About the Fence

Since you and your neighbor will be splitting the cost of the fence, it makes sense to share the decisions of what kind of fence to have installed. From wood to vinyl and even metal, there are a lot of options to consider, especially since you need to choose a fence that will look nice and stand the test of time. 

With equal feedback from your neighbor, you can move forward with the confidence that the fence will be look great once installed.

Plan Out a Budget Together

Another important thing to go over when making plans for the new fencing is the budget. You may have a very different idea of what affordable means, making it important to discuss what the desired price range is with your neighbor. Rather than creating a traditional budget for the project, consider sharing costs and dividing certain parts of the project to one another for a more affordable solution.

This will ensure that neither you or your neighbor will be unhappy with the costs or run into the situation where one person does not want to pay the expected amount of money.

Discuss Whether the Installation Can Be a DIY Job

While you may not have the skills to build and install a fence on your own, your neighbor or one of their friends or family members may be able to handle it. In order for the installation of a new fence to be as cost-efficient as possible, make sure to check whether it should be handled by professionals or not before moving forward.

Make a Plan for the Future Maintenance

If the fence is going to be installed along the border between your two yards, you need to discuss what the plans are for any maintenance moving forward. Cleaning the fence and repairing it should be a shared responsibility, but it is important to note that your neighbor could move and you may be left with all the work involved.

As you make plans for a new fence, it is vital that you consider what your desired budget is and what kind of look you want. With the input of your neighbor, you can get the finished results you want without any confusion. Contact a business, such as Crispline Fence Systems fences, for more information.   


8 March 2016

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