How To Paint Chain Link Fences


If you have chain link fencing that is looking faded, or you don't like the color, you don't have to replace it. A simple paint job will restore it like new.

Chain link fences are commonly constructed from galvanized steel. They are generally rust-proof, but not fade-proof, since they get exposed to elements. Avoid spray painting, which causes more paint loss. Here are tips to paint a faded chain link fence.

Prepare to Work

For this project, you need:

  • work gloves
  • drop cloths or plastic
  • sponge (optional)
  • liquid dish soap (optional)
  • wire brush
  • power washer
  • weed trimmer
  • paint brush
  • paint roller with a long nap
  • metal primer (optional)
  • paint

Trim weeds from around and under the fence. Cut the grass as low as possible. 

Clean the Fence

If you think your fence was painted before 1978, don't use a pressure washer or wire brush on it. Fences painted before 1978 could have lead paint. Otherwise, clean debris with a wire brush, and spray the fence with a power washer. Let the fence dry.

If the fence is very dirty, mix liquid dish soap with warm water in a bucket. Wipe the fence down with a sponge, then rinse with the power washer.

Paint and Prime

If you live on shared property, ask the neighbors before making a color change. Wait six months before applying paint to new fences.  

Use paint designed for galvanized metal. Buy acrylic paint when metal paint is not available. Galvanized metal needs paint that adheres o the surface. You don't have to paint the fence silver. You can paint it green or black to blend in with the landscape.

If the fence has previously been painted, brush on a coat or primer, and let it dry. Primer isn't needed for fences in good condition. 

Lay drop cloths of plastic under the fence to protect grass and vegetation. Place cardboard down to cushion the knees. Paint the posts with a brush, and paint the fence with a roller.

Pour paint in the paint tray, but avoid overfilling it. Start painting the chain link area with the roller working slowly. Use a paint to brush on the very bottom, if needed.

Check for missed spots after you finish. The roller should have painted the other side of the fence, but check it. Move the card board as needed. 

Paint the fence posts. Allow the fence twenty-four hours to dry, then check for missed areas again.

Painting a chain link fence helps extend the life of the fence. If you don't trust your skill, or you think the fence is painted with lead paint.


22 April 2017

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