Cool Tricks To Disguise Your Fence


If you have a fence around your property or you plan on having one installed then you may like the idea of disguising it so it doesn't stand out, especially if it is something like a chain link deer fence. There are plenty of ways that you can go about adding privacy to your chain link fence in a way that also decorates it so it actually adds to the overall look of your property. Here are some cool tricks you can do to hide your fence in a decorative manner:

Install lattice on the fencing

If you have a taller chain link fence then you can conceal it with lattice. You can purchase lattice in many different colors and this can make it easy to match it to any part of your house or landscaping that you want. While the lattice still has holes in it that can be seen through, it also has thick strips that make up its design and this is what helps to conceal the fence and help add privacy.

Grow foliage along the fence

Foliage can also hide a fence as long as you grow it thick and tall enough to do so. Even if you don't grow it thick or tall enough the foliage will become the focal point that people pay attention to so they won't generally notice the fence. Hedges are great for this, but you can also use ivy that creeps up the fence and thick rose bushes. 

Add bamboo fence panels

You can purchase bamboo fence panels to attach to your chain link fence in order to give it a great look. Another added benefit to using the bamboo fence panels is that they also add plenty of privacy because the pieces of bamboo are close together making it hard for people outside of your fence to see through it and look into your yard.

Add hedge fence panels

If you don't like the idea of maintaining a live hedge along the perimeter of your chain link fence then you can instead install hedge fence panels on the fence. These panels look like a hedge but you won't have to worry about watering or clipping them. Along with adding a nice look they are also another way that you can achieve some extra privacy for your property when you have a chain link fence.


Once you figure out the right way to conceal your chain link fence you will be able to enjoy the entire look of your yard. You can also enjoy the other benefits offered such as more privacy, extra foliage and anything else the addition offers you.


27 April 2017

Feel Safe in a New Neighborhood

Eleven years ago, I met the man of my dreams. Unfortunately, he lived seventy-five miles away from my hometown. After dating for nearly a year, we became engaged. Six months after celebrating our engagement, my minister father married us in a beautiful church ceremony. After the wedding, I moved to the home my husband had purchased a few years earlier. Because I was raised in the country, I didn’t immediately feel safe in my new, crowded neighborhood. Have you recently moved into a new neighborhood? Perhaps, you feel uneasy staying at your new home alone. If you’re frightened living in a new place, consider hiring a fence contractor. On this blog, you will discover the best types of fences to install in a residential neighborhood.