Three Modern Fencing Materials For A New, Low-Maintenance Custom Fence


To give your home a fence with a custom appearance, there are many options of materials, such as wood or iron, which require a lot of maintenance. There are also modern choices of materials, such as vinyl, composite lumber and aluminum, which require only occasional maintenance to maintain. Here are some of the best choices for modern fencing materials for a custom fence that is low-maintenance:

1. Vinyl Fencing That Looks Modern and Only Requires a Quick Wash

If you want to have a fence that needs nothing more than a quick rinse, vinyl is a great material. Vinyl fencing systems are available in a variety of different styles, which include more classic white picket fences and more modern solid fencing pattern. There are also vinyl fence panels that will give your fence the look of stone and other materials. Vinyl fencing systems are also easy to install; all you need to do is set the posts and install the sections.

2. Aluminum Fence Materials That Are Rustproof for The Look of Metal

Metal materials like iron fences can rust and need to be painted regularly. It is also costly to have a custom iron fence installed. An affordable alternative to iron fencing is aluminum fencing. The aluminum will not rust and is more affordable than custom iron work. Aluminum will be slightly more expensive than materials like vinyl and conventional wood fences. An aluminum enclosure is an affordable option for needs like enclosing a pool area or adding a nice fence to the front of your home. Aluminum will need to be cleaned and may need a coat of paint after years of exposure to the elements cause the finish to damage or fade.

3. Composite Lumber to Give You a Wood Alternative with Wood Fence Design

Today, composite lumbers are becoming the best solution for outdoor construction projects with wood. Composite lumber fences will give you the custom design of wood fencing, but with a material that will not be attacked by insects, decay or need staining. Tropical wood style materials are also available, which will give you a fence that looks like it is made from exotic lumber; when in reality it is made from affordable composite material.

Contact a commercial fence company and talk with them about using these materials for the installation of your custom fence. In addition to giving you a bid for the job, the right fencing contractor can also talk with you about choosing a design that looks great with your home. 


18 May 2017

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