Putting A Fence Around Your Pool? A Few Reasons To Go With Aluminum


If you have recently added a swimming pool to your yard, you may need to have some type of security fence around it due to municipal safety regulations. While you could go with wood, wrought iron, or chain link, there are a number of benefits to be had by choosing aluminum fencing instead. Here are just a few you should consider before making a final decision.


When compared to other fence types, aluminum fencing is often less expensive in the long run. Sometimes you will see the savings from the very beginning, with it being less expensive to have installed while other times it may take a few years to show the savings. If you are considering a wrought iron or steel chain link fence, aluminum will be cheaper from the get go. However, a wood fence may be cheaper to install, but over the years the cost of maintaining the wood will make the aluminum fence more affordable.


Safety is the most important feature of any fence around a swimming pool. Aluminum fencing is versatile, so you can make adjustments or changes to make the fence as safe as possible. You may choose to have the posts and uprights closer together to keep small pets and children from getting through or stuck in the fence. You may also add spikes or some other form of deterrent to the top to keep anyone from climbing over it. Finally, an aluminum fence can be used on a slope without breaking its integrity or causing a safety break.

Environmental Impact

You can find aluminum fencing that is made from recycled aluminum. This will help the environment by keeping old soda cans and other aluminum waste from ending up in a landfill. It also saves from having to mine more aluminum. In addition, because you will not have to maintain the fence by staining or painting it regularly, very few resources will be used and you won't have the risk of chemicals leaching into the ground.

Aluminum fencing can be powder coated to match the color of your home or any other color you choose. It can be ornate or plain depending on what style you want. Go ahead and look at wood, wrought iron, and steel fencing. Ask a fencing professional about the benefits of each material. While the final choice is yours, don't forget to at least consider aluminum fencing for around your pool.

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16 June 2017

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