Installing An Aluminum Fence? Why Dig A Trench For It


Have you finally decided to install an aluminum fencing around your yard? If so, it will bring up some questions about how you will perform the installation. One method that can be used it to dig out a trench that the fencing material sits in, so that the material is partially buried underground once the installation is complete. Here are some valid reasons to use a trench for your fence installation.

Prevent Animals From Digging Under Your Fence

Are you looking to secure a pet in your backyard, but they are known for digging? You may have a concern that your pet will try to dig underneath the fence until they have a path they can escape through. That is why it is worth using a trench to partially bury the fencing material. It makes it difficult for your pet to dig underneath it, since they'll need to dig much further down than normal. Even if they do attempt to dig under it, the added depth takes the pet longer to dig, which means that you can catch them in the act before they escape.

While the only way to guarantee that a pet cannot dig under the fence is to install a concrete slab on the inside of the fence, a trench is a cost effective solution to your problem. In addition, the trench will help keep other pests out of your yard that will try to get in from the outside.

Give Stability To Your Fence

Any fence with a solid panel will cause pose a risk of getting knocked down by the wind. Strong winds can easily build up against the fence and be powerful enough to cause the structure to collapse. Building a fence within a trench will give the entire fence additional stability. It will be able to withstand more powerful winds, making the need for fence repair less likely.

Install a Sloped Yard Drainage Ditch

If your yard has a slope to it, you may find that water will collect against a fence after a heavy rainfall. Installing a trench allows you to create a yard drainage ditch where water can flow into. You'll find that this helps your yard stay dry and prevent all the water from collecting against the fencing material.

For more information about installing a fence within a trench, be sure to speak to your local fencing contractor about it. They can let you know if it will be a good idea based on your concerns.


24 May 2018

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