Install A Wood Fence To Maximize Privacy Throughout Your Property


If you like the idea of providing your family with ample privacy on the property that you own, you may start to think about the projects that you can take on to make this happen. When your property does not have a fence at all, you cannot go wrong, by installing one. Choosing a wooden one and prioritizing certain details will make it easy to maximize privacy everywhere on the lot.


An area worth focusing on is the front yard, because this is where you may have an opportunity to gain privacy for when your family spends time around the garage and porch. If your front yard is large enough that your kids like to play outside on occasion, you will appreciate the addition of a solid wood fence because it should be able to add a decent amount of privacy to the space.

With a driveway in the front, you may find it difficult to maximize privacy without blocking the driveway. An ideal way to handle this situation is to install a wooden gate along the driveway entrance that you can either open manually or electronically, to get through easily.


Extending the wood fence to the side yards is worthwhile, because you will find it useful for maximizing privacy on the property. If you want an easy and private transition from the front yard to the side yard, you can plan their installation without a gate in between. But, when you want to create a separation between the two areas, you should not hesitate to put in a gate.

When you work with a fence contractor, you will find it easy to gather valuable information such as restrictions regarding the height of a fence. In many situations, you will find that you cannot build a front yard or backyard fence tall enough to provide guaranteed privacy. Since the side yard restrictions can get a little tricky, you will appreciate getting knowledge from professionals.


The backyard is where you should opt for a tall fence, because you will need to rely on it to provide privacy from drivers, neighbors, and pedestrians. If you have a pool or hot tub in the backyard, you will appreciate getting a solid fence that makes it impossible to peek through the gaps.

Getting a lot of privacy on your property is not hard, when you are willing to install a wood fence. If you think that a wooden fence is right for you or if you have questions regarding your fencing options, contact a fencing company, such as A Better Fence Company, for more information.


21 June 2019

Feel Safe in a New Neighborhood

Eleven years ago, I met the man of my dreams. Unfortunately, he lived seventy-five miles away from my hometown. After dating for nearly a year, we became engaged. Six months after celebrating our engagement, my minister father married us in a beautiful church ceremony. After the wedding, I moved to the home my husband had purchased a few years earlier. Because I was raised in the country, I didn’t immediately feel safe in my new, crowded neighborhood. Have you recently moved into a new neighborhood? Perhaps, you feel uneasy staying at your new home alone. If you’re frightened living in a new place, consider hiring a fence contractor. On this blog, you will discover the best types of fences to install in a residential neighborhood.