3 Styles Of Wood Fences For Backyards


Wood fences work quite well in backyards. They are generally affordable and easy to have installed. While they do require some maintenance, you can do that maintenance on your own with simple tools. But once you decide on a wood fence, you have another decision to make. What style of wood fence do you want to have installed? Here are a few options that work well in backyards.


If you want a solid fence that gives you privacy, then a board-on-board fence can be a great choice. The fence has pickets installed on both sides, and they are placed close enough together thn there are no gaps between them. As such, your fence has a picket look but is still solid. Board-on-board fences are also quite strong and sturdy, and they are hard to climb. One downside is that this style of wood fence requires a lot of wood and is therefore more expensive than most other styles.


With a shadowbox fence, pickets are also placed on both sides of the fence boards. However, there are small gaps left between the boards. You therefore get some light through the fence, and you can look through it if you try. And yet, the fence offers a reasonable level of privacy, too. This fence style works well when you want to separate your yard from your neighbors but don't really need to block their view completely. The fence looks the same on both sides, which can be nice. 

Post and Rail

A post and rail fence is one that has posts pounded into the ground every few feet, plus rails that run horizontally between the posts. This style of fence works well when you just want to establish a property line and decorate your yard a little, but don't care that much about privacy. It's less expensive than most other fence styles because it uses minimal materials and is easy to install. Repairs are easy, and you get to enjoy the natural view. However, a post-and-rail fence won't keep the average dog in your yard, and it doesn't do much to keep intruders out.

While these are not the only styles of wooden fences around, they are three of the most common ones. Talk to your fence installer about them, and see which style your installer recommends. They may also have a different suggestion that you prefer to these options. 


2 June 2023

Feel Safe in a New Neighborhood

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